We are having an installed capacity of 30 million+ buttons per day. We use state-of the art Italian machinery from Bonetti, Tullio Giusi & Fabes and German machineries from LIBA and other ancillary and balancing Indian machines in manufacturing polyester buttons. Continuous research and innovation with new technologies is strongly emphasised. As such using the Laser technology for engraving names have placed on amongst the favorites list of many big clients.

Button Machinery Manufacturing has been pioneered by European Companies like Bonetti, Tullio Giusi, Fabes and LIBA. We can provide these machines in all the departments along with all ancillary machines, attachments and spare parts. Other Indian made balancing and ancillary machines can also be provided.



• Bonetti Plain (Standard V900 &V1270): Sheet Casting drums for volume production
• Bonetti Ondulated (V900): Drums are used for pearlicised buttons production with ondulated nature in the blanks.
• Fatura/Maxomatic
• Transmatic
• Twin
• Nova V: For buckle making
• Formatic


• Double Vanguard 4th
• Double Vanguard 3rd
• Double Vanguard
• Vanguard B&F
• Vanguard 1000
• Simplex
• Modtransfer
• X4
• Monomatic


With wide variety of attachments available one can source most of them used in Bonetti or Tullio Giusi machines from us. Be it P/E/R/F/FG/W/V/S/A/Y/K. Currently, laser being an expensive technology we believe why waste the laser when the same button can be manufactured with same accuracy and similar speeds with these attachments.

BONETTI: Polygonal (MPN), Hard Rod Cutting, Index, Fish Eye, Vertical Drill, etc. All Bonetti attachments can be fitted in TM Nova:

• M/PN:  Polygonal
• FORG/N: Shank drilling
• FRG3/N: Fish Eye
• FRG1/N: Cutter
• LAM-I/N (Lamatture): 90Degrees Swinging Device allowing horizontal and vertical milling. Be it concave or convex, straight or wavy, it is suitable for all.
Index Super: Unit for multiple concentric and excentric milling and turning designs
• AUT-O/N: Hard Rod cutting unit to be mounted instead of feeding system

TULLIO GIUSI: Why waste your Precious Laser Gas if the same accuracy can be obtained from Company provided attachments with similar speeds. P/E/R/F/FG/W/V/S/A/Y/K

P: Unit for polygonal cutting and turning. Oval, Triangle, Square, pentagonal hexagonal cutting and turning /can be done. Different gear settings coupled with tool centering on holder for concave or convex -turning/cutting for curved or sharp edges. Capable of producing 120 buttons a minute. P.S. Also can be used instead of ‘t’ when not using gears.
E: Unit for Embossing /Engraving on buttons. Dies can be changed to have different embossing. Capable of producing 120 buttons a minute. Quality of dies used is important and can be used instead of laser. Additional requirement Compressed Air onto the attachment
R: Unit for concave milling of shank buttons. To be mounted on the second head of the machine. Capable of producing 100 buttons a minute. Use of diamond cutters recommended instead of plain stone cutters or any other steel.
F: Unit for Fish-eye, encoche, shank, channel shank and other millings. Can be mounted on ‘T’ units. To be mounted on the second head of the machine.
FG: Unit for Fish-eye, encoche, shank. Can be mounted on ‘T’ units.
W: Unit for vertical drilling. To be mounted on turning units on first or second head. Suitable for Costume jewelry like beads
V: Unit for vertical drilling, primarily for shank and channel shank drilled buttons. To be mounted on drilling unit ‘d’
S: Unit for Internal or external undercut turning
A: Unit for slot milling single or simultaneously two slots can be milled. To be used with 2Hole/4hole drilling bushes.
Y: Unit for round, axial and left inclined turnings. Can be inclined to the Left upto 15 degrees and also can be vertically adjusted upto 10 mm both up and down. To be mounted on Double Vanguard in position 1 or 3
K: Unit for round, axial and Right inclined turnings. Can be inclined to the right upto 15 degrees and also can be vertically adjusted upto 10 mm both up and down. To be mounted on Double Vanguard in position 2 or 4
I: Index 
C: Contour
FE: Fish Eye 
T: Unit for round turning
D: Unit for drilling 2/4 holes
• Vertical Drill
• Slot
• Hard Rod Cutting


  • Different Size Mixers, Sheet Sampling Drum, Punching Dies, Punches, Punch Polish, Punch Aligner, and Centrifugal dryers.
  • Tool and Needle Grinder, Tool Profiler, Tool Maker, Blowers, Ductings, Polishing Drums of varied sizes, Inspection Machines etc.